U.C. Davis Picnic Day UCDavisPicnicDay_UCDavisCollegeEngineering_1280x642
Courtesy of U.C. Davis College of Engineering


U.C. Davis Picnic Day

One of California’s premier universities, University of California, Davis, invites everyone to its annual open house—a chance to learn, play, touch, taste and enjoy all aspects of the leafy campus just west of Sacramento. The university, known for its extensive agriculture research, presents everything from hands-on, family-friendly experiences (like lively sheepdog trials) to an irreverent parade (think college students and you’ll get the idea). There’s plenty of food to buy and then spread out on the campus quad for a picnic on this ultimate picnic day. Work off your meal with a visit to the U.C. Davis Arboretum, with 100 acres of gardens and tended landscapes (open for strolling year-round).