California Now Podcast


California Curiosities, Architecture, East Bay

Today on the California Now Podcast we showcase some unique experiences with Atlas Obscura

Editor’s note: This episode of the California Now Podcast opens with a Public Service Announcement addressing the recent wildfires in California. For more information on these tragic events,...


Jonny Moseley, Orange County, Museum Hack

Learn about an Olympic Gold Medalist’s Wildest Dreams, explore the O.C., and see two museums in a new light

Episode 10 of the California Now Podcast begins with a conversation about Jonny Moseley’s Wildest Dreams, including several nail-biting anecdotes about the making of the...


Rock Climbing, Best Campgrounds, L.A. Shopping

Host Soterios Johnson uncovers the most awe-inspiring places in California to climb and to camp

In January 2014, the world watched as Kevin Jorgeson and his climbing partner Tommy Caldwell made history as the first free climbers to summit Yosemite’s Dawn Wall. In this episode of the...